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I often find myself in the same position. I start at the bottom and claw my way up to barely drowning, head above water or even to a point where I'm swimming. But then I look around and realize I can't move. Maybe it's because when you're at the bottom, any movement is an improvement. So when I'm no longer in that space, I have to be more careful and thoughtful about my moves and I somehow interpret that as nonmovement. I'm not sure, but I feel like it's not that. At least not mostly. I get into these better situations and I get stuck. Can't move down, can't move up. Worst yet, I usually can't even go sideways. I just have to sit.

I wanted to say how normally this doesn't bother me. But that is a complete lie. It always bothers me. Because I'm a fighter. I need something to work towards or it's just boring for me. But this particular stickiness is worse because everyone else is moving up. And so fucking easily too! It's like some…

Father's Day/ Belated Birthday

Sunday will be Father's Day and last week was my husband's birthday. I tried very hard to have a decent day planned for his birthday. Our children refused to let that happen. My delay in getting anything too far out from Father's Day, not knowing what to get outside of video games and I'm certain our children are all reasons Sunday will be a fail. So, I decided to devote this post to you: my love, my husband, the father to our children.

I know you well enough to know that despite all that bravado you feel like you are not the best father and husband.
And you have gigantic hands!
You're wrong. You're amazingness wrapped up in awesomeness sprinkled with rainbows and fairies (could mean gays, could mean mystical flying ladies... I love them either way). Here are some reasons why in no particular order:
1) You somehow haven't killed our children yet- the yelling, stomping, throwing, sassing, not listening, staying up too late, waking up too early, constantly ma…