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The Implication

I woke up in tears this morning. I had a nightmare. I mean nothing visibly scary. When I recount it, it'd come off as a regular dream. But as Dennis Reynolds says, "It's the implication." 
In my dream, my husband and I were looking at a house. We go inside and it's the apartment that my ex and I shared. Usually, when I dream of this apartment, it's run down and disgusting. Just rotted and falling away. However, this time, it was beautiful. It was fixed up and gorgeous. I wanted to live there. We even talked to the woman who was fixing it and I said something like "OMG, this looks amazing! How'd you do this?!" and she said something like "Yeah it was awful but I'm going to sell it so I fixed it up." We looked around some more and then finally left. 
From there I get a call from my ex. We're not talking, we're arguing. As we always did. I hear that my husband is in an argument with my mother. Those two are going at it, my ex …