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Suicide Squad- A Meaningless Review

So, last week the hubby and I went out to watch Suicide Squad. A movie I was actually really excited to see since I love villains as the antiheroes. Normally, I don't pay attention to movie reviews unless I think the movie is going to suck but I have a little interest in it (Ghostbusters, the Nightmare on Elm Street remake....pretty much all movies that's come out recently that are remakes of movies I loved). I went into this film fresh. Especially since I am NOT a comic book person, I don't read them, watch shows based off of them and only started liking their movies with the first Spiderman movie staring Toby McGuire. So, although I may be somewhat well versed when it comes to Marvel storylines, I know nothing of DC characters. Naturally, because I am a human being I have seen and loved The Dark Knight, so I am aware of Joker (should go without saying that I know of Superman and Batman) but nothing outside of those characters. So, this was allllllll new to me.

First off…