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Black Lives Do NOT Matter

I'm in a rage right now. The absolute hatred and apathy for blacks is deafening. I'm not a racist. I never even saw race until I was an adult and started being clearly treated differently than others and clearly because of my race. It's hard when you see racism because as a black person, you are not allowed to call it out. If you call out racism when you see it, YOU become racist. YOU are just pulling out the race card. YOU are ignorant. YOU just can not seem to get over slavery and why can't YOU? So many people of color just shut their mouths and discuss our issues with other people of color who can also see the wrongs that are so blatantly happening to us. We only speak up when the actions become so deadly that we start to fear for our lives, our kids lives, our family's lives AND know there's nothing we can say or do to stop those actions from happening. Because with the Black Lives Matter movement, you would often hear from blacks that we just need to not q…