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What do you Mean When I Come Around?

Green Day's When I Come Around has been my all time most favorite song since the second I heard it. It gives me goosebumps every time it comes on and is my "Desperado". But I've just never really knew what the song was about. I've listened to the lyrics and could just surmise that it's about a relationship. Some lyrics denote that it's a good one, some clearly show that it isn't. Maybe it's about an argument where they just know they'll be together?

Well, today the song came on my Pandora. I was playing music for my daughter to dance to and went into my Desperado zone while she complained that she wanted me to turn off the song because it's not "a regular song". Obviously, that wasn't going to happen, but I thought about how this song has effected me like this for years and years, so maybe it's time to find out what it's about. Enter: Google.

I was hoping there'd be some kind of interview with Billie Joe where h…