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2 AM Ramblings

So, I'm 30. Just turned the big 3-0 yesterday. As a result, I've just been thinking about life. Naturally, my brain didn't really start kicking in and thinking about it until I woke up at 2 in the morning having to pee.

So much has changed. I'm not sure when the changes started.... I think maybe around the time that I got married. My husband has been such a catalyst of growth for me. While not the sole reason, he is a big part of me realizing my worth as a woman and a human being. Once that started happening, I started seeing things and people and situations in a different light. This provoked change.

It hasn't been easy and there's days I still go back and forth on some of my choices. But I always choose the best for me. I've dropped friends who I've known for decades. I've let go of ghosts that's haunted me. I never got to feel young because I was always going through it. Some bad mistakes were made for me and effected me. Many were my own doi…