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Suicide Squad- A Meaningless Review

So, last week the hubby and I went out to watch Suicide Squad. A movie I was actually really excited to see since I love villains as the antiheroes. Normally, I don't pay attention to movie reviews unless I think the movie is going to suck but I have a little interest in it (Ghostbusters, the Nightmare on Elm Street remake....pretty much all movies that's come out recently that are remakes of movies I loved). I went into this film fresh. Especially since I am NOT a comic book person, I don't read them, watch shows based off of them and only started liking their movies with the first Spiderman movie staring Toby McGuire. So, although I may be somewhat well versed when it comes to Marvel storylines, I know nothing of DC characters. Naturally, because I am a human being I have seen and loved The Dark Knight, so I am aware of Joker (should go without saying that I know of Superman and Batman) but nothing outside of those characters. So, this was allllllll new to me.

First off…

Black Lives Do NOT Matter

I'm in a rage right now. The absolute hatred and apathy for blacks is deafening. I'm not a racist. I never even saw race until I was an adult and started being clearly treated differently than others and clearly because of my race. It's hard when you see racism because as a black person, you are not allowed to call it out. If you call out racism when you see it, YOU become racist. YOU are just pulling out the race card. YOU are ignorant. YOU just can not seem to get over slavery and why can't YOU? So many people of color just shut their mouths and discuss our issues with other people of color who can also see the wrongs that are so blatantly happening to us. We only speak up when the actions become so deadly that we start to fear for our lives, our kids lives, our family's lives AND know there's nothing we can say or do to stop those actions from happening. Because with the Black Lives Matter movement, you would often hear from blacks that we just need to not q…

What do you Mean When I Come Around?

Green Day's When I Come Around has been my all time most favorite song since the second I heard it. It gives me goosebumps every time it comes on and is my "Desperado". But I've just never really knew what the song was about. I've listened to the lyrics and could just surmise that it's about a relationship. Some lyrics denote that it's a good one, some clearly show that it isn't. Maybe it's about an argument where they just know they'll be together?

Well, today the song came on my Pandora. I was playing music for my daughter to dance to and went into my Desperado zone while she complained that she wanted me to turn off the song because it's not "a regular song". Obviously, that wasn't going to happen, but I thought about how this song has effected me like this for years and years, so maybe it's time to find out what it's about. Enter: Google.

I was hoping there'd be some kind of interview with Billie Joe where h…

2 AM Ramblings

So, I'm 30. Just turned the big 3-0 yesterday. As a result, I've just been thinking about life. Naturally, my brain didn't really start kicking in and thinking about it until I woke up at 2 in the morning having to pee.

So much has changed. I'm not sure when the changes started.... I think maybe around the time that I got married. My husband has been such a catalyst of growth for me. While not the sole reason, he is a big part of me realizing my worth as a woman and a human being. Once that started happening, I started seeing things and people and situations in a different light. This provoked change.

It hasn't been easy and there's days I still go back and forth on some of my choices. But I always choose the best for me. I've dropped friends who I've known for decades. I've let go of ghosts that's haunted me. I never got to feel young because I was always going through it. Some bad mistakes were made for me and effected me. Many were my own doi…

Have I been getting what I deserve?!!!

Whenever there's opportunities knocking at my door, I never know what path to take. I never know if reaching for any opportunity is a bad step and I need to just stay in my lackluster path and hope it grows to what I need it to or if I need to take advantage and leave the past behind. 
Because of this confusion I always ask that I be led in the right direction - to which ever path leads me to the life I deserve. I'm not religious or anything but I like to put out in the universe what I want so hopefully it can come to me. 
Well while I was showering today, I was putting those vibes out, hoping to be lead to the life I deserve when it hit me: what if I'm getting what I deserve? What if what I deserve is to always fall short? Always have that one (or more) thing that haunts my life and makes me miserable? What if I'm a shitty person and don't realize it? I mean not every asshole knows he's an asshole right? I seriously hope not anyway. So what if I'm that assho…

Bill Cosby and the Blacks

I've been hearing so much about Bill Cosby lately. Posts about how he's unfairly being charged and prosecuted because everyone hates black people and want to hold us down are flooding my time line. My head hurts every time I see a post and stupidly look at the comments. I hope for someone smart to comment on how this isn't a black issue but it doesn't happen. I mean, if it does, it's way down the line of comments and my brain can't handle too much stupidity before it shuts down on itself.

I am all for black rights. I love and respect my race and do see the everyday racism. I see and understand that there are great injustices towards black people that everyone wants to just sweep under the rug like it's no big deal. Perhaps they don't understand why so many things black people complain about are big deals. However, I despise when people stick up for someone just because of their color and this is what black people are doing.

This man has raped women thr…

Best Music of 2015

At least according to this Youtube list.

1. Adele- Hello
Goodbye. I get that you were in a relationship and the guy broke your heart. I mean, I really really REALLY get it Adele.

2. Justin Beiber- Sorry
This song is boring yet catchy. How does that even work?

3. Drake- Hotline Bling
The day isn't over until every member of my family sings the chorus at some point. "Ever since I left the city youuuuuuu" :D

4. Justin Beiber- What Do You Mean?
Man, that means that your poor girlfriend is confused because you're a major suck ass boyfriend but she's still in love with you. Question. Answered.

5. Justin Beiber- Love Yourself

6. The Weeknd- The Hills
I hate that I love this song. Especially since that missing E from his name which sounds like it should be for a band and not a person is super irritating to me. But this line: "When I'm fucked up that's the real me" just really speaks to the person I was earlier in my life.

7. Shawn Mendes- Stit…