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Sweet Surprise I Could Get Used To

So today my son has to get an EEG which means he couldn't get much sleep. Which means, no one has gotten much sleep. After caffeinating a shit ton, staying up til 11 and then not sleeping well due to the overcaffeination and getting up at 5 am, I pretty much was a zombie this morning. Which as a mom, I just can't stand. So, I do the only logical thing one can do once coffee isn't really working- I get on Youtube. This leads me on a Watch Mojo binge. The subject: Pop/Punk bands. I start in on top 10's of bands and songs from from those bands. This launches me down an emotional memory lane where the soundtrack of my life was the sound of my repeatedly breaking heart and the songs that perfectly captured this. It made me realize how far I've come where I just don't listen to that kind of music any more because I can't relate any longer. And while I could easily pull up whole albums, songs or even just some lyrics that seemed to be written specifically for me t…