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"I am heartless Michelle" Means Just That

I learned some truth today. People are very honest. I always felt like people are liars and that's why I couldn't trust them. But nope. People are honest as fuck but they're not forthcoming with their honesty. 
What I've realized is that people always tell you and show you their true colors with their relationships with other people. Take a look. If someone you care about is lying constantly to other friends or family they're lying to you. 
I think we tend to think that we are more than what we are. That we're the exception. So you got your man and he lies and cheats his friends or even strangers, you might think: well he doesn't do that with me. I'm the exception because he loves me more. NOPE! That's that persons character showing. That's that persons true self. He's telling you who he is and showing you what he does. And he's doing it to you. 
Tonight I lost a long time friend. I've seen him lie to friends, manipulate friends, purpos…