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Just My Opinion....

I'm getting so sick and tired of people being upset about opinions! Someone says their thoughts on something, people get angry and then other people are like "why can't they say what they want?" "Why is it that only you (opposing side) can voice your opinion?" "What happened to freedom of speech?"

Fucking nothing happened to it! We all use it all of the time! Freedom of speech does not equal freedom of consequences. Freedom of speech means you can't get jailed or killed or in certain cases censored for what you say. It does not mean that you get to be a dick saying the worst things possible and everyone has to shut their mouth about it. It does not mean that if you cross the line in your opinion or words and say something hate filled that makes your company look bad, that you get to keep your job.

In a world where everyone is constantly saying what they think and feel, how can you feel like freedom of speech is gone?

And god dammit yes you get…

this is how i feel right now

"Why are you smiling?"