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Beyonce > Kim?

I feel like it's stupid to even ask this question because everyone has a general consensus that Beyonce, even if she isn't your queen B, definitely reins over Kim K. It seems that even Beyonce feels this is true and can't even stand to be near Kim at any point. Then everyone condones Bey for acting like a child around Kim by saying "well, I wouldn't want to be around her either!"

I find this ridiculous. How is Beyonce better than Kim? Truly, I'd like to know. Let's chat....

Both these ladies have the exact same talent: Getting millions of people to pay attention to them and spend their hard earned money on their stupid shit. Beyonce can "sing". She has such an amazingly ok voice. She's right up there with Britney and Jennifer Lopez. Somehow she's convinced her fans that she has an above average voice. She doesn't.

lol ok that's not fair. Everyone has a bad day. Her crime is just having an  extremely boring voice that mir…


Last night I had a dream about my ex. It's a reoccurring dream that I have every now and then but differs each time. Same place (his old apartment), same colors (like a dirty gray and black. It's always dirty), and same situation (he's moving/moved and I'm there for whatever reason). The dream can make me feel nothing but it's usually a nightmare that makes me feel awful and uncomfortable. I have to try to shake it off during the day because it just sticks. This time the dream was kinda happy. It was not happy, but leaning more towards that than anything else. Although, when I woke, I felt really.....gross, uncomfortable, troubled.

So the dream was just that my ex and I were in his old apartment. He was packing up to leave and I was there. He asked me to be there. I'm just kinda hanging around, looking around while we talk. We're being friendly to each other. So while he's going through things, I start finding MY things! This is exciting to me because e…