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Sweet Surprise I Could Get Used To

So today my son has to get an EEG which means he couldn't get much sleep. Which means, no one has gotten much sleep. After caffeinating a shit ton, staying up til 11 and then not sleeping well due to the overcaffeination and getting up at 5 am, I pretty much was a zombie this morning. Which as a mom, I just can't stand. So, I do the only logical thing one can do once coffee isn't really working- I get on Youtube. This leads me on a Watch Mojo binge. The subject: Pop/Punk bands. I start in on top 10's of bands and songs from from those bands. This launches me down an emotional memory lane where the soundtrack of my life was the sound of my repeatedly breaking heart and the songs that perfectly captured this. It made me realize how far I've come where I just don't listen to that kind of music any more because I can't relate any longer. And while I could easily pull up whole albums, songs or even just some lyrics that seemed to be written specifically for me t…

"I am heartless Michelle" Means Just That

I learned some truth today. People are very honest. I always felt like people are liars and that's why I couldn't trust them. But nope. People are honest as fuck but they're not forthcoming with their honesty. 
What I've realized is that people always tell you and show you their true colors with their relationships with other people. Take a look. If someone you care about is lying constantly to other friends or family they're lying to you. 
I think we tend to think that we are more than what we are. That we're the exception. So you got your man and he lies and cheats his friends or even strangers, you might think: well he doesn't do that with me. I'm the exception because he loves me more. NOPE! That's that persons character showing. That's that persons true self. He's telling you who he is and showing you what he does. And he's doing it to you. 
Tonight I lost a long time friend. I've seen him lie to friends, manipulate friends, purpos…

Just My Opinion....

I'm getting so sick and tired of people being upset about opinions! Someone says their thoughts on something, people get angry and then other people are like "why can't they say what they want?" "Why is it that only you (opposing side) can voice your opinion?" "What happened to freedom of speech?"

Fucking nothing happened to it! We all use it all of the time! Freedom of speech does not equal freedom of consequences. Freedom of speech means you can't get jailed or killed or in certain cases censored for what you say. It does not mean that you get to be a dick saying the worst things possible and everyone has to shut their mouth about it. It does not mean that if you cross the line in your opinion or words and say something hate filled that makes your company look bad, that you get to keep your job.

In a world where everyone is constantly saying what they think and feel, how can you feel like freedom of speech is gone?

And god dammit yes you get…

this is how i feel right now

"Why are you smiling?"

The Little Mermaid from a Parental View

The Little Mermaid has always been my favorite movie. I couldn't even tell you how many times I've seen it because I would literally watch it and then rewind the vhs and watch it again. I LOVED this movie and still do. However, watching it as an adult- specifically as a mother is a tad bit different than watching it as a child. So as I watch this with my two kids who begged me to put it in (win!), I'm going to share my reactions.

King Titan mentions Ariel is 16 and this little girl has the nerve to say she's not a child. Giiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrlllll.... yes you are! You are a child. Have a seat until you're 24.

"Bet you on land, they understand, that you don't reprimand your daughter."
-SMH just proving how young and naive you are and that you need to listen to your daddy.

Ariel just rescued Eric and is all up on him but really she needs to get her barely clothed, underage fin back under the sea.

You love him? You stalked him once and now you love him? SMH…

Beyonce > Kim?

I feel like it's stupid to even ask this question because everyone has a general consensus that Beyonce, even if she isn't your queen B, definitely reins over Kim K. It seems that even Beyonce feels this is true and can't even stand to be near Kim at any point. Then everyone condones Bey for acting like a child around Kim by saying "well, I wouldn't want to be around her either!"

I find this ridiculous. How is Beyonce better than Kim? Truly, I'd like to know. Let's chat....

Both these ladies have the exact same talent: Getting millions of people to pay attention to them and spend their hard earned money on their stupid shit. Beyonce can "sing". She has such an amazingly ok voice. She's right up there with Britney and Jennifer Lopez. Somehow she's convinced her fans that she has an above average voice. She doesn't.

lol ok that's not fair. Everyone has a bad day. Her crime is just having an  extremely boring voice that mir…


Last night I had a dream about my ex. It's a reoccurring dream that I have every now and then but differs each time. Same place (his old apartment), same colors (like a dirty gray and black. It's always dirty), and same situation (he's moving/moved and I'm there for whatever reason). The dream can make me feel nothing but it's usually a nightmare that makes me feel awful and uncomfortable. I have to try to shake it off during the day because it just sticks. This time the dream was kinda happy. It was not happy, but leaning more towards that than anything else. Although, when I woke, I felt really.....gross, uncomfortable, troubled.

So the dream was just that my ex and I were in his old apartment. He was packing up to leave and I was there. He asked me to be there. I'm just kinda hanging around, looking around while we talk. We're being friendly to each other. So while he's going through things, I start finding MY things! This is exciting to me because e…