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What Men Want

People are always asking about what women want. I find it kind of insane. Women maybe complicated but when it comes to men- it's pretty easy. We want a man to protect us, support us and show/give love. And be mind blowing in bed (which can be learned so don't worry if you're not there yet.) I don't care what anyone says, that's basic needs for every human on earth so if you say you don't want or need any of those things (minus the bed thing. That's strictly for non asexuals who are in relationships) then you're lying to yourself or don't understand what those things really mean. Beyond that, everything is a want.

What I find curious is what men want. For myself, I've fallen in love with any man that's given me those basics. I mean.... they'd eventually stop and that's where the problems arose. But as long as they were, I was theirs. But I've found that I would give men that and they'd be less than interested. So what do men w…