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Aaliyah: The Princess of Lifetime

Ok so I just finished watching the Aaliyah movie that everyone hated. I tried to go in with an open mind but as it started, I knew my mind was already swayed to hate it. But.... I continued watching it. Guys, it's not that bad. Lemme rephrase: Guys, it's not THAT bad.

Here's the issue: it won't bring you closer to Aaliyah. You may learn some things or whatever but you're not going to feel like you're watching Aaliyah and her life. That's a pretty big issue.

Movies are fun because they transport you into that world. It's always been my favorite way to escape. For a few hours, my life wasn't my life. My world wasn't this world. It's the best! Biopics are fun because you get transported into a celebrity's life. You connect with that celebrity and learn new things about them and their world. You get to (in a sense) be this person. So your heartbreaks when their heart breaks or anything bad happens, you're elated when good things happen. …

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood- Gossip Girls

Ok, I have been enjoying my ratchet shows and mostly not having anything to say about them too much. Bitches gonna bitch and ho's gonna ho. What else would you expect?

However, what started off as the most boring and unexciting Love and Hip Hop franchise, has turned into the most annoying and infuriating with all the bitchassness going on.

So I'm watching the last episode and Berg and Masika are just messy. First off- why the hell would someone invite a woman they dislike and want to stay away from to a party just so said girl can see them be all over other women? "So she can get it through her head that we're over" is not a real fucking reason. To me, only a loser ass dickhead would do that. The kind of guy that would hit on his girl.....

What MIGHT actually work is if Berg actually stayed away from Hazel. He keeps calling her, texting her, getting with her. Of course Hazel thinks y'all serious cuz you're acting like it stupid! Stay away and she'll g…