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All About That Bullshit!

There's a song that I pretty much ignored until my toddlers started singing it ad nauseam:

Yes, but I was talking about the other song....

Yup. This one. 

After about the trillionth time listening to it, I decided to actually listen to the lyrics. After that I was in love with All About That Bass. I love the positive body message it sends to every person out there. That just doesn't happen often these days. 
At least, not in a positive way

This song would make me happy and make me feel good and my kids fucking kill this song when it comes on! I'm just sayin :) But then I started hearing about people having an issue with it.
From what I've read, some people don't like that Meghan "bashes skinny girls", is trying to have this song sound like it's for everybody (or every body) when really it's looking down on thin girls. And while some people are upset that she's making it seem like beauty is based on whether a guy is attracted to you or not, I w…

Fuck The Country

Fuck it....
                                                  Stupid ass.
up it's....

I got a mosquito bite in my eye. (Not really in my eye, but it sounds more dramatic that way. Plus.... close enough)

Looks like it came in my eye too

The only thing I could really try outside of ice, is aspirin on the bite. Hope it works. Went the whole summer without a damn bite and THIS is what I get. Fuck you. 

Make Up Tutorial

But... but... it's just so entertaining to hear why it's the woman's fault!

She married him after so she doesn't care (Ray Rice)She was going through his things so it's ok (Chris Brown/Rihanna) She wanted to fight like a guy, so she deserves it (Every WorldStar video where the woman gets knocked out by a dude) I also enjoy "she was asking too many questions", "she sticks around, so she must like it" and the "well, what did you expect dating THAT guy?" 
Let's not blame the guy and get all WTF on him. Let's blame the women. After all, we ARE the smarter sex, so obvs we should know better.

Tales of a Mom

My husband and I are trying to work things out. (Desperately trying to withhold my snark...) We're trying to move to a place with a better school system. I'm not in love with the apartment but well... the school system.... We're trying to reach middle class at least and I'm trying to figure out how the hell does this even happen? We can't get ahead, everything is working against us. We can be mildly comfortably poor or somehow strike it rich. We decided I should be home.

There's a lot going on right now and a lot going on in my head. I want another baby. That was our plan before this whole mess. But I'm still extremely uncertain of my future with my husband. I want to keep trying at it but it's exhausting and I feel like I'm the only one putting forth the effort. Maybe when I'm home, it'll help somehow.

My kids are developmentally behind. They were doing so well before I left, and still well before my husband started working too. But now....…

love and hip hop

i hate them for making these trashy shows that are disgustingly entertaining. and listen, i'm not gay but....


no more

i can't hold this in anymore. i'm just falling apart and my heart is just... there are no words for the amount of broken. i don't know how to get through this right now. and i'm just so fucking embarrassed! i thought this was it for me, he's the one. he'll treat me the way i deserve to be treated. he'll love me forever just like i'll love him forever. i just want to keep saying my heart is broken. my heart is broken. my heart is broken. what am i going to tell the kids? how am i going to provide for them on my own? my heart is broken. i loved him so much i wanted another one of our perfect mixtures together. and he won't even own up to it. my heart is so broken. i don't know why this keeps happening to me but i can't keep letting it happen. but i'm nothing and no good and obviously no one truly wants me. and i seriously am done with men. this was it for me. i knew i couldn't take anymore after my last relationship, so i was banking o…


no energy just doesn't explain. i've just been dead and the things/events/people that should bring me up, has just brought me more down. which in turn has just made me feel the worst. i don't even have the energy to write. i thought i did but...