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i always say it like that in my head. and i imagine a black drag queen saying it. *shrugs* idk. but i finally got to watch it last night and shit! it tore my heart in two! it was a crazy ep with owen now being a partner at the firm! but honestly, that gave me so much hope that they'd work it out. like, i know her and grayson are soul mates, but she can't be with him. plus, the fact that he wasn't drawn to her as jane but drawn to every other woman that was rail thin wasn't lost on me and made me not like him so much. but owen is such an honest and sweet person. i love him and i love him for jane.

but the part that just started the absolute heart break for me where my eyes just wouldn't stop with the tears from then on was when the adoptive family had to give up the baby.

just that moment where she realizes she has to hand the baby over and she whimpers and you can see her heart break and it made mine break right with hers. that's some damn good acting. that pre…

after the fact news: rape jokes

so there was a time where rape jokes were all the rage. well... talking about them anyway. specifically, i remember the whole thing with daniel tosh. i never really cared to have a say about it because to me, it's a truly stupid discussion. rape is offensive, i mean, offensive doesn't cover how awful rape is. jokes, are awesome. rape jokes.... meh, depends on the joke, depends on the audience. i didn't find tosh's joke to be gross, because it's not like he doesn't say horrifically offensive shit to begin with. i don't find this joke offensive:

“I need more rape jokes,” she shouted nasally before letting her fans in on what she called a comedy secret, that such jokes are actually not so “edgy” after all. “Who’s going to complain about rape jokes? Rape victims?” she asked. “They barely even report rape.”

 that's sarah silverman. again, offensive comic. that joke made me cringe but mostly laugh.

and so that leads me to today: i'm stumbling and came ac…