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rants in my pants! paula deen edition

i hate when anything racist happens. not because i hate racism, which i do. but more than that, as a person who loves to believe that people are good and will fight for what is morally right... i hate to see so many people rally for the wrong side. it breaks my heart and it happens every time a white person does something racist against a black person.

in case you missed it, paula deen was caught saying nigger. i know, i know, i should write n*gger or n***er or say the n word or whatever. but i personally don't believe in that. i'm not calling anyone a nigger, the word itself isn't offensive, it's how it's used. anyway, not only did she use that word but... well... here, read this:

To recap the facts of this $1.2 million lawsuit: a former manager of Bubba’s Oyster and Seafood House, the restaurant owned by Deen’s brother Bubba, claimed that not only did Bubba repeatedly sexually harassed her (by, say, passing photos of two women having sex around at a staff meeting…

the truth

i'm so livid i want to cry. and it's not even over anything new. but i know how this song and dance goes because i lived through it before. when trust is broken.... i just want to say what i feel and that's i'm very angry and hurt because the one person i thought i could trust, i couldn't. and there's times where i feel like things can get back on track but then there's moments where i see that i can't and it makes me really really angry. i truly can not believe i'm back in this place and back  to these emotions and back to only having this as my relief. theres so many things i'm extremely worried about and need to figure out a way to take care of, but then there's this shit that i'm dealing with too. it's like i can't get a fucking break.

just go...

so today, at this moment, everyone in my house is sleeping. i'm not even close to tired and the writing bug hit me. especially since it's so gorgeous outside. i don't really have anything to write about so i'm just kinda looking out into my yard from my porch and writing whatever.  writer types call that free write. which i hate. i like to have a reason for things. for everything. for writing, for walking, for talking for living, for loving. i think that's been bothering my lately. because i've lost reason. i mean, except for living. as long as my kids are alive, i'll never be able to lose my reason to live. i mean, unless i become like the worst piece of shit in the world and figure they're better off without me. and not to say that it's impossible, i know for a fact it is, but just highly unlikely that'll happen. but i've lost my reason to write. it's been gone for some time. and the shitty part is that the few times i do have a real r…

ed hardy hate caused by jon gosselin.... sure

relax. your shirt is doing enough screaming for the both of you

in lol news, ed hardy feels that the reason no one likes his line is because jon gosselin (the douchebag/pussified dad of the 8 kids kate gosselin have. they had like a show or something). since everyone hated jon and jon was constantly wearing these dumbass shirts, people then... and only then...started hating these shirts associated with this douchewhore.

ed says:

"That Jon Gosselin thing was the nail in the coffin. That’s what tanked it. Macy’s used to have a huge window display with Ed Hardy, and it filtered down and that’s why Macy’s dropped the brand." 

 if you say so eddie...but it's not just jon, it's christian audigier.

 "Christian worships celebrities so much, he will get next to anyone who is famous for anything. If he could have gotten Charles Manson in a shirt, he would have."

listen, there's no amount of help for that brand. the loud, big, designs just scream "you can only …

love and hip hop atlanta episode 8!

so i guess this episode should be entitled "bitch ass men and the idiot women who love them". that's all this was about really. kirk... yall already know how i feel about him. i wasn't even mad at him this episode because it's obvious that's where he was going. he can go kill himself for all i care. k michelle... idk. i don't really care about her unless she's fighting with someone. her people hit the nose on the head because i don't even know if there's anything else to her besides being a bitch and fighting with another person constantly. joseline... so tired of her. she sounds like mimi season 1. which is why joseline needs to have a shit more respect for mimi and her family. stevie isn't a one woman man, he's an asshole who's possibly kinda gay. like no one should be fucking with that ho. but i'm tired of hearing her say this is it, only to come crawling back and act like it was of her own accord. speaking of which...all th…

so basically i'm like superman...

found this article on my feed:

Moms of twins may live longer, study says Research suggests mothers of twins might be physically stronger 
 By Stephanie Pappas 
LiveScience Senior Writer updated 5/10/2011 8:42:00 PM ET 

 Having two babies at a time is associated with a longer life, according to a new study. But that's not because doubling up on dirty diapers increases life span; instead, moms of twins are physically stronger in the first place. 

 One catch: The research, published today in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, focused on a "natural fertility" population of women in 1800s Utah, so the results may not apply in today's in vitro fertilization (IVF) world. 

However, the findings do suggest that rather than being a reproductive accident that drains mom of energy and nutrients, twins could be an evolutionary adaption in which healthy moms take the chance to pass on double their genes at once. 

"We expected the exact opposite," study researcher…

he hit it second....

hi benzino!

what can i say? those are some superb rapping skills right there! how the hell did he think to rhyme "animal" with the word "animal" with the word "though" and then... curveball! the word "animal".

i wanna like benzino, but seeing how he was with karly, i never really could. it's damn obvious that he's lying and the motherfucker has the nerve to try and lie right to karly's face about shit she was there for! he's not a trustworthy guy, he's a liar. so this whole thing with him and joseline, i pretty much assumed that he did try to fuck her (why joseline would get mad at karly for saying something... no clue but you know how ho's are) this video is obviously saying that he fucked her despite him trying to convince stevie that all he did was tweet her for business reasons. lies lies lies!

listen, whether he fucked joseline or not, the point is that he's lying. because he's now giving two different storie…

love and hip hop atlanta

holy fuck! i'm not even half way through with this episode, but this whole kirk and rasheeda thing... i gotta comment! kirk is fucking asshole dickward! wtf is that shit? ugh. i want to cry for rasheeda, and i don't even like her like that. but listen, it'd be fucked up if this was her boyfriend telling her to abort the baby because it's not good timing for him and because she got pregnant just to spite him. but this is her husband! let me tell you.... if i got pregnant right now, it would be disgustingly, cry for a week, consider abortion for a millisecond bad timing. but my husband would be right there with me. he would probably lament how he wishes it wasn't happening right now, but it'd be like ok, fuck it, it's do or die time, let's go so we can make this baby's life wonderful! if my husband were to tell me to have an abortion, i'd never be able to look at him the same. if he told me that i got pregnant on purpose to spite him even though i…

keeping up with kourtney's ass

so i just finished watching the season premiere of keeping up with the kardashians. i found the episode to be hilarious and touching at the same time. first off, what is with guys and wanting to have sex in the ass?!!?! i've asked this question so many times and haven't gotten a real answer. i don't know if it's because society tells them that they should want to fuck asses but to me it just seems pretty gay. so i found kourtney being endlessly harassed by scott hilarious to me because that was me and my husband. 100%. he was always on me about going back door and i was just like you first! naturally, there was resistance, but he actually came around and let me do it. nothing really happened since i didn't have a strap on and really don't know how to work a dick from that angle, but since he let me, i let him. although, he got a lot more tries out of it than i did.... eventually, it happened and i actually really liked it. it's not an everyday occurrence th…