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xmas 2012!

damn what a great christmas! definitely my favorite of all time. we got our kids a ton of toys, a dump truck with building blocks, wooden blocks, plastic blocks, a musical push toy, two pianos, a few different phones (they LOVE these and fight over them and lose them, it's great to have on hand), and a drum. they seemed to enjoy all of them, but i know from being a teacher, we gave them a whole bunch of toys and it was a bit much for them. so most of them will be put away or will stay in the diaper bag and be toys for whoever babysits them or if we're out. travel toys...

i got my husband xbox shit. 2 games.... i couldn't even tell you which. a xbox 360 kit or whatever- came with a messaging keypad attachment for the controller, a headset, a 12 month subscription to xbox live and 400 microsoft points. i also got him earbuds and speakers. so he's been playing video games on our small tv and watching xmas movies on our big tv.
i got all this:
it's weird. when i was yo…

2 years

there was a moment, a few years ago. i don't remember exactly when, but while devaughn and i were dating... we were trying to express our love for each other. we found it impossible to put into words. the feeling was just too strong. he promised that by the time we got married, he would have created that word.

well 2 years ago today, we became one and married. he never did figure out a word for his love for me. i haven't either. somehow our love grew and grew. just when i think i can't love him anymore that i do, he says something or does something or gives me the most beautiful son and daughter anyone could ask for and i fall deeper in love!

i was going to say how my husband is my better half. he isn't. he's my equal and he somehow made me better. he taught me how to harness my sweet side. to use that instead of my sarcasm all the time. how to be honest and open without being a bitch. he's taught me how to be a leader and that being a follower doesn't me…

i can't explain it cuz i think you suck

i was just listening to this song and it always reminds me of my ex. then i smile a little bit. i mean, i've always loved this song, before i even knew what the lyrics were and just loved the soft sweet voice of billie joe in my ear. but now i have a face to attach to it and it's an even more kick ass song.

but anyway, i just finished watching rock of ages. now, my husband and i thought the movie was a comedy kinda spoofing old rock bands. but we quickly found out it was a musical. and a drama/comedy. so my husband hated it but i LOVED it! what a fun fun movie with the best fucking 80's rock! ugh! just so in love! it was a great way to do the classic young girl from small town goes to hollywood with big dreams and ends up hooking/stripping (in this case)/drugging but with a happy ending. and i mean, i just severely loved hearing all my old favorites sung very well by what's his name and well... fuck the whole cast. and on top of that there's a gay love story! what…

just chillin

just me and my ambypamby hanging out :) oh and this is our tree!

it's hard to tell, but it's gorgeous! (and blocked off from luke and charlotte lol) i went gold, so there's gold balls hanging all over it, some candy canes, a few cutesy ornaments (two that my mother in law got us when the babies were born that i just love) and i put these really pretty fake gold flowers throughout the tree. it's amazing looking. 
so life's been pretty sweet over here. i've been getting into couponing, so i saved almost 50% on my shopping trips :D the kiddies are growing up before my eyes. it's blowing my mind. however, my son is driving me insane because he's just as hard headed as me and de and will not listen to us. 
but really we've just been hanging out, getting ready for christmas... well counting down to christmas. and learning how to save money and make money. it's been interesting and fun and as always, i'm just madly in love. idk, i just think that …