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ghosts of my past haunt my dreams

i don't even know where to start with this one, but just really have to get this out or it'll bother me even more. i just had this semi recurring nightmare that deeply bothers me every time i have it. like deep in my soul. the dream is always me in my ex's apartment that i lived in with him. it always starts with it looking like a totally different place but then morphs into what it did look like, then morphs into it looking decayed and rundown. it always starts off that i'm supposed to be there but then by the end of the dream, i'm trespassing. my husband always shows up in one way or another and my mom does too and i always, always find some old stuff.... pics, letters, stuff like that, that i've written or that my ex wrote (or pics of me, me and him or just him. not always things that really existed but usually a mix of things that existed in real life and things that weren't). and you know, nothing scary happens. ever. it just starts off as great then t…

L! U! V! Madonna! Y! O! U! You wanna?!

recently miss MDNA has been singing the praises of adele. when asked if she'd collaborate with adele, she said:

“Yes, I would love to. I would love to meet her, I think she’s brilliant, I love her. I wanted her to be in the Super Bowl with me, but I think she was having her throat problem or throat operation or something.”

i love both of these artists very very much. however, i don't see how this would work. adele can actually sing, madonna can't. adele isn't much of put on a spectacle for entertainment sake kind of girl (due to having talent) and that's pretty much how madonna still has a career (and the fact that nowadays having talent is the last thing you need to be famous). nonetheless, i'd be interested and would listen. i just don't think it'd mix.

sarah silverman should die!

can we please discuss sarah silverman for a moment? i am absolutely disgusted by her little "aborsh" joke. i'm so angry that i hope she dies because of it. she tweeted this picture saying "It's a burrito!"

then tweeted this pic:

saying "Got a quickie aborsh"

RAWR it makes me so angry when a controversial comedian says controversial things! stuff like this makes me so annoyed. seriously? this is sarah fucking silverman. how is this even news? why are people getting so angry? i'm pretty sure she's made jokes about abortion before (don't all comedians who don't draw lines with jokes make their way to abortion jokes? i know i have) so i'm confused about all the hubbub. especially since it's her followers saying things like 
"Too bad your mother didn't aborsh YOU."  and  "U need 170,000 flwrs to reach 3 million. So you exploit a fake execution of a preborn baby to get attention. Classy" 
how are you a fa…

perfect boys with their perfect lives. nobody wants to hear you sing about tragedy!

man it's been awhile since i've written. even longer since i've quoted fall out boy :D i think that's pretty much the only one i can actually relate to anymore. which is why i find it hard (besides time oh and that's what she said!) to come on here when really this is my ranting space. but i just kinda got the urge and ran with it.
so life wise things have been busy busy busy. my day starts at 7 am and i don't get to relax until about 11 pm. and usually by then i'm beat. a few weeks ago, we started a new routine so the babies can sleep through the night. it was rough at first. well, my husband is the one to be like- they can cry for a bit. they won't die. but i'm mommy and i'm like- ah! my babies! they need me! so one day i was at my wits end. just beyond exhausted and it was around 9 pm and i was like i can't do this anymore. i'm done. my son was crying and i just felt like they're old enough where it wouldn't hurt for them to c…