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happy anniversarychristmasnewyear! aka reflection

i'm kinda glad the babies didn't come in december, it'd be a bit much to have a birthday, an anniversary, christmas and then new years. but this year has been great. for our anniversary, my husband and i got a hotel suite for 2 nights and hung out. we slept, ate out, drank, and went to the movies. i got a card and a new wedding ring, since we couldn't really afford the rings we wanted to give to each other last year. it's gorgeous. i got him a ring as well. we went to see the new sherlock holmes movie, which was super awesome but uber gay. i mean it was just so in your face all the homo that they throw in your face. but i loved it anyway, especially since i love gay. kinda added some extra awesome in my book. then we saw the muppets movie, which i'm just in love with. that movie was just so fun, so funny and really cute. i kept thinking about how i wish charlotte and lucas were old enough to watch it with us.

then a few days later, came christmas. which could…

a day in the life of a mom with twins

my days start pretty early. fuck. my days don't really have an ending or beginning actually. it always confuses me when the pediatrician asks when the babies wake up. it's like ummm.... every 3 hours. at least. so should i say 1 am? or 6 am? does it really matter because honestly every day is pretty much a blur and i never keep track of when they last got up or went to sleep anymore? it's pretty much groundhog day everyday, a few specifics may change but really it's the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and.... you get the point. just a tad redundant is all.
i don't really get to go out anymore. which my husband and i knew would be the case and figured we'd be ok with that since we aren't really the going out type. but i think we both underestimated what going out really means. i used to at least go see the outside pretty much everyday. now... not so much. it's such a hassle taking charlotte AND luke out that i try to just do …

twin reduction

since i have the rare moment to myself to just hang out, i was doing some stumbling and came across this article about aborting a twin fetus so you can have one instead of two. my initial reaction was disgust and slight anger. i mean, how can you just kill a baby? how do you even choose which to kill? why would you choose to make a sophie's choice?
then i thought about it. i'll be really honest right now... when i first found out i was having twins, i wondered if something like this could be done. i did not want two babies and was totally freaking out at the prospect of taking care of two at once. i had mixed feelings when i found out i was pregnant. i was elated but finding that i was in a difficult financial position of not being poor enough for help but not having anywhere near enough money to take care of a child, myself and my husband on my salary alone. then i found out i was having twins. mind=blown. i was terrified and felt lost and like we made a huge mistake getting p…