Saturday, April 5, 2014

How I Met Your Mother Finale (My Stages of Grief)

1) DENIAL (during the last 5 minutes-5 minutes after show)
"What?!!! What just happened? This is a joke right? Of course it is. They wouldn't leave the show ending like this. LOL guys!"

2) ANGER (5 minutes after show- the next day)

3) BARGAINING (20 minutes after show)
"If I could just watch the alternate ending, then maybe I can just pretend I didn't see this. It could all go away..."

"The alternate was perfect but still....I'm just super bummed that my favorite show ended in such a sucker punch/slap in the face kind of way"

"I mean, I guess that's how their stories usually go in the show anyway so it makes sense. And to be honest, that's probably exactly what Ted would do anyway. The ending IS fitting for the show. In that sense, the ending was perfect. But ONLY in that sense."

It's been a roller coaster week for me with HIMYM. I have accepted the Finale, but I don't like it. The issue is that they set us up for the Mother. I wanted to see more of her. In fact, if there was a season where she was part of the main cast and then the episode where she dies, respectfully dedicated to her and the love Ted and (what's her name again? I forget, I know her initials are TM though...) Mother shared. Then we could move on and accept the 3 billionth resurgence of Ted and Robin. But the problem was they built and built and built up to the mother only to fart on her in the finale and bring us back to where we've been a million times and guess what guys? It doesn't fucking work out for Robin and Ted!

I mean, there were moments throughout her engagement and wedding to Barney that I thought how she should be marrying Ted. However, I remember their past attempts and their breakups and the fact that she couldn't care less about Ted's dates (meaning no jealousy or anything like she felt when Barney dated.) Hell, Ted almost got married and she was as happy as can be for him. Robin doesn't have feelings for Ted, she loves how he treats her. Since we've already seen how that relationship plays out, I would have preferred to seen and spent more time on Ted's relationship with Mother.

So, yeah. It was disappointing and felt like they pulled the rug from under me. I wouldn't have even minded if they ended on Mother dying. To me, it would have then made the whole tale meaningful and beautiful if they just focused on that at the end. But no. They ultimately put the focus on that Canadian.

Apparently, there will be a for real alternate ending on the DVD. I no longer trust the makers of HIMYM to do the show justice, so I need to see the alt ending before shelling out the casharoni. But if it IS a good alt, I will buy it. Here's my thing: If the finale is bad, I can't own the series. Every episode closer to the end, will remind me of my anger and disappointment. If there's a few dud seasons, I can deal with that cuz it gets back to good at some point. Like The Office... I might skip some of the seasons, but I will own the last and most of the previous seasons. Always end on a good note. This isn't the time to try something radical, you assholes. We made a show a part of our lives and you just fucked with it. Shame on you sirs! SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Kimye Does Vogue

So I come home from a very busy day and sit down with my computer. Every site I go to has about a million posts about Kim Kardashian being on the cover of Vogue. I don't care but apparently a lot of people (mostly those who claim to not care about Kim or any Kardashian yet is constantly talking about them) are all in a pathetic uproar about it.

Even Sarah Michelle Gellar tweeted about it:

This is because people were saying how they'd cancel their subscription to Vogue if Kim ever got on the cover. Really guys? Sarah? I thought you had more sense than this.

Here's the thing- I enjoy the Kardashians but if I were a fan of any of them, it'd be Khloe because she's awesome and seems to be the most real to me. But, I'm not in love with them or anything, just generally find them entertaining. They ain't no Britney ok? I think it's beyond lame and kinda disgusting that Kim had Kanye beg Anna Wintour to have her on the cover. Anna assures us this didn't happen and she did it of her own free will. I would believe her because she's an uber bitch who doesn't listen to anyone besides her because she's fucking Anna Wintour and doesn't have to listen to anyone but herself. Shit, there's bigger and better celebrities/models she's dissed than Kim Kardashian. But I don't know.... something just tells me in my gut that some begging totally did happen and it's the ONLY reason Kim got on the cover and THE reason that it wasn't just her. It makes me think less of Kim, have less respect for her, and I find the whole thing to be pathetic, childish and all around losery. 

But you know what guys? There's been hundreds of celebrities I've hated, disliked or just didn't care about on magazine covers. You know who I hate more than Kim? Beyonce, Brad Pitt, his jump off that he married- Angelina Jolie. They're on tons of covers but I just read the other parts of the magazine. I'm like "Ugh, THAT bitch" turn the page and keep it going. I don't fucking boycott the magazine like a god damn child. If I really hated to even look at the magazine with the person I disliked on the cover (funnily enough, this was the case a few times back when I hated Britney) I just didn't read that magazine. I didn't cancel my subscription or vow to never read it again. I just skipped that particular one. This only happen when I was a teen aka child who wasn't mature and slightly stupid. 

Yeah, it's pathetic as hell that Kim basically fucked her way into Vogue but what's even more pathetic? Not reading Vogue anymore because you don't like Kim. Grow up. Get a life. Why does Kim Kardashian affect your life so much like that? Come on now. SMH

Anyway, the shoot was beautiful. Not because of Kim nor Kanye but because of a family and especially adorable as hell little Nori. Check it out but first, put down your haterade. 

Wish I could Nori more but nothing is sweeter than mama love.

Could we please just have her on the cover? :D

This is literally every family picture. My husband stoic with everyone else 
looking cute and sweet and smiling. 

Love <3 Awwww

This just warms my heart. Love this pic. 

See? Totally adorbzies! But yeah, can we just go back to models being on covers instead of celebrities? Not only will it avoid stupidity like this but then I can go back to knowing the difference between a model and a supermodel. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

is beyonce a bad role model?

i'm gonna try to be diplomatic about this because i truly don't like beyonce. i find her songs to generally sound the same with no real passion or interest. i find her to be fake and annoying. i also find it incredibly easy to insult her but i'm tackling this question seriously.

i personally, don't believe in role models. i think humans are made to make mistakes and bad decisions and it shouldn't be put upon anyone to be held up as a model of what to be and how to act. i mean, until you become a parent but then they only person you have to model for is your child. and you can do that however you see fit. i personally, wouldn't put out videos of me barely wearing anything and getting sexy with my husband for my kids to see. but i mean.... to each their own?

also, beyonce probably would have done all this when she was younger but her managers (daddy and mommy) wasn't gonna let that happen. so now, she's free of them influencing her career and she's going for the sexual gold. and that's fine. i think my issue with it is that there's nothing to back it up. she's not giving interviews like "listen yall i'm grown i'll do what i want". she's not giving any kind of personal anything to anyone but then throws her ass, boobs and sex in my face. and i guess my distaste with that is that i'll only allow that if i feel like i know you. this was my issue with britney back in the day. i hated her because she'd come off as perfect, wouldn't show the real her, but wanted to be like "oh i'm just having fun with these costumes" or some other lame bullshit like that. once she was just like this is me, i love sex, i make mistakes, this is what i do. i loved her. i loved her for all her flaws and her honesty. if you're gonna act all perfect and not let anyone into who you are, then stay a role model. stay perfect. keep your clothes on, close your legs, get that sultry look off your face and play perfect.

however, of all the slutacious singers out in the world... beyonce isn't all that bad. she's not fucking around. she's not grinding up on married men or simulating blow jobs with a past president while riding a hot dog and wearing a bikini. she's not dating an abusive asshole with anger management issues. she's married, mature and can actually act classy and knows when to. if (ugh i hate that i'm gonna say this) she were to be a role model for someone, she wouldn't be a bad person to model yourself after. if there's any time to get all sexalicious, it's when you're married.

all i'm saying is bey, i wanna see more than your tits and ass and you're not that good of a singer. give me some god damn personality!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lauren. Duke. Porn.

So I heard about this chick who was stripping her way through college at Duke University. I was like ok whatever, what's the big deal? Well, I guess that first off, she wasn't stripping (necessarily) but doing hard core porn.

This girl, Lauren, has been being bullied at school and online because of this and also made some comments about how she enjoys doing porn. And this is pissing people off left and right. Which is pissing me off at these people.

About her comments about porn being empowering: Why can't porn be empowering to a woman? Why is it that only men can get something out of it? Women love sex too! And some women love doing porn. We don't know how she's lived, so porn very well could have been empowering for her and help her learn a lot. Just because it's not something you personally would do or would benefit from or even understand, doesn't mean that has to be the same for everyone.

Then some people wanna get all up in arms because she felt like it was less degrading that being a waitress. I've never done porn nor waitressing. But I have been in customer service and I believe her statement. Generally, people feel that they are automatically better than you just because you're in the customer service field. They will boss you around, treat you like crap, be rude and demeaning. What's worse is that because you're in this field, you kinda just have to take it. It makes you feel less than, it makes you feel like shit. I imagine that in porn, you get to call the shots. So, I see how it might be a better field for her, somewhere she'd feel more comfortable. But I mean, really no one should be judging porn and how it affects them besides people who have done porn. And not even then because different strokes for different folks ;)

Now, on to the main point.... Are you disgusted by how she's making her way through college? It just makes you angry and disgusted? Great! Give her your money so she doesn't have to do porn. Oh, you don't want to? Then shut your big mouth. How dare anyone judge someone for how they make money. If it's not hurting anyone, who cares? This intelligent girl, gets into a great school and doesn't have the money to go. Instead of not going and working shitty minimum wage jobs or even going to crappy school that she can afford, she decided to find a way to make it work for her so she could go to a great school and not have to struggle. And yeah, how jealous are you that she won't have shit ton of student loans to pay off for years and years after going to school? Good for her! Would I do it? No. Would you do it? Obviously not. But she did/is doing it, she's comfortable and happy doing it and she's getting a great education and not struggling to make ends meet nor racking up tons of debt. I love that! She does not deserve to be judged nor bullied. Am I the only one outraged that no one cares that she's getting harassed every day? Is bullying bad except for when you deem the person deserves it? WTF?!

I don't understand the hatred and judgement towards her. I really don't. This literally has nothing to do with anyone but her and like I said, if it's that much of for YOU for whatever reason, then pony up the cash. Donate money to her. Give her enough to pay for her education and leave it alone. If you don't want to give her the cash then shut your mouth about how she's making money. Simple as that.

Friday, February 14, 2014

happy wife happy life

earlier today, i ran across this article from msn. i thought it was pretty interesting because i felt it was pretty accurate. basically, it's tips from happy wives and how they make their relationships work.

10) Making fun of your husband is a bad sign

this is something my husband really had to teach me. i'm just the type of person to make fun at others and myself. mostly, those i love the most. it was my way of showing love.... while still keeping them at arms length. one day, my husband sat me down and told me how much it really hurt him that i would make fun of him. it hurt my heart to hear that because i meant no harm, but i was causing harm. how close could YOU get to someone who was making fun of you, even if it was just in fun and games and that was just their personality? you just can't have a close and trusting relationship while bad mouthing each other. 

9) Talk money early and often

one major reason for arguments and even for divorce is financial problems. my husband and i try to stay on the same wavelength and when things are down or good, we make sure to talk about where we see ourselves financially and how we want to go about getting there. there were times where'd we talk about this at least once a week. it's important to know that you both have a plan and agree with the plans and that you're both aware of your financial situation. otherwise, it'll lead to confusion and argument later. 

8) Welcome each other home with a kiss

we try. we really do. at least a hug. it's so important to show love to each other, even if it's for a moment. nothing bad will happen if you miss a day or two, but you wouldn't want to get into the habit of ignoring each other. life is so busy, it's easy to forget to do some of the most basic things sometimes. but that little bit of affection can brighten up your and his day and just a small reminder of why you're doing all of it.

7) Love can heal many wounds

i'm not sure how this is a tip, i'll be honest. and while it may be true to an extent, i feel it's so dangerous to say that. trust heals wounds. honesty, consistency and actions heals wounds. love just means you're doing all of that and more. 

6) Lists aren’t just for to-dos

for this, the example was a couple who wrote down what they love about each other. this is GREAT! i once dated a guy and i couldn't figure out why i loved him. he'd ask and i'd say "i just do!" well, for a gift to my husband, i illustrated a book of reasons i loved him. the list came pouring out. every time i thought i couldn't think of another reason, 5 more would come to me. the list grows every day (even though i haven't updated the book) but it stands as a reminder to him, whenever i may be angry at him, or if i forget to show as much love to him as i should- why and just how much i love him. and for me too! if he's pissing me off, this books reminds me of all the good things. the bad things are few and far between, just easier to focus on. but there's a lot of good and they're way more powerful than the bad things. however.... if you find that you can't come up reasons or not a lot, learn from my mistake- he just isn't the one. 

5) It’s time for your annual review

this goes along with the money one. it's just always good to spend a moment to check in with each other and make sure you're both getting what you need and want and if not, how to change that. no one likes bad surprises.

4) Don’t sweat (or smell) the small stuff

ok, so he doesn't always put down the toilet seat. he doesn't pick up as much as i'd like him to and the dishes aren't spotless and he puts the laundry exactly where i didn't want it. i could go on. for days.... but there's guys that lie, that cheat, that hit. if you're biggest complaint about your man is that he doesn't clean the dishes the way you like, then you got a good (and typical) man. enjoy. all bets are off when you're pregnant though.

3) Be friends first and spouses second

no lie, sometimes i forget i'm married. my everyday is hanging out with the people i enjoy being around the most. there's been moments where i've been like "oh shit! i'm married to this guy... my best friend.... that's really cool" and it is. it's super fun everyday. he's the highlight of my day. and oh yeah, i married him  :D pluses!

2) Don’t be afraid of a little PDA

to each their own. if neither of you are comfortable with showing pda, then don't. but a little hand holding never hurt nobody and helps making you feel closer and bonded.

1) Being right is overrated

*sigh* i guess. i'm working on it. but i mean, it's hard when you're right ALL THE TIME but no one ever listens to you. but i guess what good does it do to constantly rub that in your partners face? or to move heaven and earth to prove how right you are? sure it may make you feel super awesome and superior and intelligent. but it probably makes your partner feel awful. and sure that could be easily avoided by them just listening to you for once. but in the end what's more important? you feeling superior or not hurting your love's feelings? it's just selfish and helps no one cuz let's face it, whether you're right or wrong- your husband still isn't going to listen to you *shrugs*

really, it's all about thinking about each other and putting each other first. compromise and communicate. always talk. and yeah, i AM always right so just take this advice. 


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

why do i even talk?

today we're bringing the kids to the dentist. bringing them anywhere is a whole ordeal, especially since we have other places to go. so the night before, i like to make sure we have everything needed. so while i'm running around getting everything together and washing things out for the next day and double checking everything, my husband is just casually walking around getting ready for the night.

"babe, do you have everything ready for tomorrow?"
"like you won't need to do anything?"
"yes, just put on my pants."
"do you have a shirt?"
"and it all set to go? so you literally don't have to do anything with it tomorrow?"

cut to this morning....

"maybe i should iron my pants... what do you think?"
"................they're fine"
"i think i should shave."
"babe, can you find me some socks?"
"i'm gonna go take a shower"
*hangs head*

my words have no meaning. smh. love the man but jesus christ :P

Monday, January 13, 2014

An Honest But Short Review: A Piece Of Me Vegas Tour

so i just finished watching via youtube a bunch of acts from britney's vegas show. my bestie with testes sent me the link to show how awful she was but i absolutely loved it! gone are the days of britney sloppily dancing with a look of disinterest, disdain and general attitude of wanting to be anywhere else but where she was! to me it seemed she gave it her 3/4 all and passionlessly danced with a look of excitement and fervor in her eyes. she had a general attitude of wanting to be there but not wanting to break a sweat. *shrugs* neither would i. she looked fucking hot anyway. luckily, she has AMAZING dancers who carried the show dancing wise and thank god that mp3's last forever so britney can always sound "perfect" for each show. just as you remembered on her cd. i, personally, loved the moment where she slowed things down for my favorite song off the "britney jean" album- perfume. she sat on the steps for a minute or so and i couldn't help but wonder why when she's so obviously lip syncing. it couldn't be to catch her breath so....

but listen, vegas is all about show and flash which her show totally has. my favorite part was when she did toxic. i love the slow start, i love the ginormous tree, i love the dancers, i love the little house of horror in the jungle theme. it was just AWESOME! it was drama!

i think the thing i disliked most wasn't a song or a dance, it was her outfit in the beginning. although, i know she's since changed it to a two piece which looks better, but it's just so distracting how crappy that outfit looks up close. maybe it's more spectacular from afar.

anyhow, the concert seemed like it would actually be worth spending a shit ton of money to see (unlike her last tour). britney may not sing one actual live note, she may not dance her ass off like when she was in her early 20's and had a 50 pack and tons of energy, but let's face the facts: us britney fans love her because of her fabulosity. she never needed to sing or sing well. being a kickass dancer probably helped in the beginning, but it's about her being gorgeous, giving us catchy songs that we can relate to and dance to and making her live performances something to see and something to talk about. wrap a giant snake around her, put her in sparkly see through clothes or just have her in a giant tree with giant flowers trying to eat... her? the air? the tree? who cares! it's so fucking cool! it's so fucking hot! THIS is britney.